Convención has partnered with Esperanza para el Corazón España to offer Young Latino Leaders the opportunity to participate in the "International Volunteer Program" (IVP). IVP is a program available to volunteers from the USA, Europe and Latin America.


The Program

The program consists of serving in Spain for the month of June, 2018.


IVP participants will volunteer in Spain in activities such as:

  • Serve in the ministry with children of the Church at home

  • Help with music in Bible study meetings.

  • Teach English to children and adults as a bridge to share thegospel with people.

  • Serve in the community, accompanying people with disability, the idea is to spend time in the week with people who can not leave their house, it's a great opportunity to to be able to share God's love with these people.

  • Help as a volunteer in a center for the elderly (grandparents), at the center they can spend time with grandparents and help them not to feel so alone

  • Participate in the evangelistic and missionary projects that organizes the team in Spain.

  • Spend time with people in the city to create bridges to share the gospel.

  • Help other social organizations in the city.


Participants must:

  • Complete the Application below and be selected to participate

  • Be between 20 - 38 years old.

  • Be a current student or have graduated within the last 3 years

  • Be a member of a Hispanic Baptist Church in Texas

  • Have a valid passport for travel to Spain

  • Commit to participate for at least 25 days in June, 2018

  • Be able to cover the costs of the program below.


Apart from spending money and other personal funds, each participant must cover the following costs:

  • Room & Board - $600: Esperanza para el Corazón España will arrange for IVP Participants to stay with a host family in Spain.


  • Flights - $1500-$1,800: IVP participants will arrange their own travel to Sevilla, Spain.



Thanks to the gifts of the "Semana de Oración Missions Offering," the Union Femenil Misionera de Convención will provide a $1,000 scholarship for one participant. While other scholarships are being sought for Convención participants, they should not be considered until confirmed.


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