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Welcome to our Family of Faith!


Like all families, we are very diverse. Some are large, others are small. Some are in large cities and others in rural áreas. Many of our congregations minister in Spanish. Others are bilingual. Some even minister in English to 2nd or 3rd generation hispanics or multi-ethnic  communities.


We are all different in this Family of Faith. But we are united.


We are united by the heart of God our Father, the name of Jesus Christ the Son, and the power of the Holy Spirit.


Together – we strive to love God.

Together – we strive to love others.

Together – we strive to serve the world.


If you want to find a church in our family, use the directory or contact us.


If you want your church to become part of our family – find out how to become a part of the family


When you visit one of our churches, our prayer is that you will feel at home.


When you come to know Jesus Christ as your savior, you’ll become part of the family of God!




Jesse Rincones

Executive Director



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Explore our Video Library for training for Youth Workers, Prison Ministry and equipping the church to lead the Muslim world to faith in Jesus Christ.  

Develop leaders with this customizable video library for your church.  Equip your church in powerful ways. We're putting the tools needed to equip your leaders, volunteers, and your staff at your fingertips.  Request Your FREE Account

Theology Training

The Baptist Bible Institute is a non-degree, non-accredited program (through BUA) intended to offer students the opportunity to train for ministry while remaining in their current job or ministry.

Leadership Training – Entrena-T

In total, since its launch in October 2009, more than 200 Hispanic leaders have begun the journey of becoming the leaders that God wants them to become through our Entrena-T ministry.

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Is your church without a Pastor?


We know that this can be a difficult time for the church, it's leaders and the ministry to it's community.


We are here to help.  


We can:

  • Help you find pulpit supply

  • Help you find an interim pastor

  • Help the church with consulting or training for the transition to the next Pastor; and

  • Help your Pastor Search Team get organized.


Contact us today!


Call: (214) 799-11638



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