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2019 Annual Meeting

June 23-25

McAllen Convention Center

700 Convention Center Blvd.

McAllen, Texas 78501

Embassy Suites, McAllen

Convention Center

$119, includes: parking, breakfast buffet, internet, snacks, shuttle, & is steps away from the convention Center!

Use code "CBH" & call 1-800-362-2779 or register online:

McAllen Convention Center

700 Convention Center Blvd.

McAllen, Texas 78501


Convención Annual Meeting Schedule


Important Information: Any Pastor, Member, or Visitor can attend the annual meeting of the Hispanic Baptist Convention of Texas in which they can register, participate in plenary sessions, Auxiliary Groups, Trainings, Seminars, and Banquets etc.

Who are Messengers?

"This Convention in its sessions will be formed by the messengers duly accredited by the Baptist congregations that cooperate with the Hispanic Baptist Convention of Texas within the mission and vision of this Constitution." A church is defined as "cooperative" according to Article 1 of the "Bylaws" of this Convention. " Constitution, Article IV - Membership, Clause 1 - Membership

Can my church register Messengers?

Yes. Your church can register messengers if it is a "cooperative" church. See this page for more information on Cooperating Churches.

How many Messengers can my church register?

"Each congregation that cooperates with this organization shall be entitled to send eight (8) messengers for the first one hundred (100) active members or a fraction of them, and one more messenger for every fifty (50) additional active members, no congregation shall have more than twenty-five (25) messengers. " Constitution, Article IV - Membership, Clause 2 - Messengers

How do we register our Messengers?

A) Verification of Messengers

1. Bring a letter on behalf of the church signed by the Pastor or Church Secretary showing the names of messengers that have been voted on by the church.

2. Have the pastor send an email to info@convencionbautista.org with the list of names that the church has voted on as Messengers.

3. Have the pastor present at the time of registration, that he may sign the Messenger card for approval.

4. Download and print the Messenger Card, fill out the information and have signed by the pastor or church secretary and present this form at registration.

B) Proof of Identity

Additionally, every Messenger shall present  photo identification at the time of registration.

Also as a "Messenger" you will receive ballots at registration in which you will be able to vote in the business sessions, nominate officers, vote on the budget and vote on official recommendations that are made before the general assembly.

Exhibitors & Sponsors

Registration is NOW CLOSED

The last two years, Convención's Annual Meeting drew over 1,200 registered attendees and the participation of over 30 exhibitors. Over the past several years, general attendance on opening night has ranged from 1,300 – 2,000 people.


Above please find the sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities that are currently available.


Don’t miss this once-a-year chance to get your organization in front of the pastors, leaders and members of the largest Hispanic Baptist convention in the country. Feel free to contact us at your convenience to discuss any of the affordable sponsorship opportunities.


I hope that you will join us to “Equip, Activate and Impact” our Hispanic communities in Texas – “Juntos!”


Jesse Rincones
Executive Director


214 799-1638

PO Box 761264  San Antonio, TX 78245

© 2011 Convencion Bautista Hispana de Texas

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